20 years of chasing a dream.

20 years of writing music.  Of making magic happening in sweaty, dirty, dusty, moldy rooms that should not have had that much gear running on it’s electrical grid.  

20 years of taking stages, locking eyes and making a connection I don’t dare try to describe in any other way then life changing.  

We’ve been on this journey with you. 

Millions of miles, thousands of stages.

We’ve traveled the world doing one thing…

20 years of Making a Statement.


Watch the stream on October 10th, 2020 at 9 PM EST

A 20 year wait. A journey through countless cities, millions of miles all leading up to this moment.  We come to the end of a monthlong online event and you are invited to watch 20 years of music make another statement.  You’ve seen them rock some of their biggest cities, but now celebrate the anniversary of Nonpoint’s first record ‘Statement’ on October 10th, LIVE from Chicago.

Don’t forget to travel with us to each of our LOW-DOUGH SHOWS going to some of our most iconic cities on the 3 Saturdays leading up to the October 10th show. 

Madison, Wisconsin August 14th, 2015

Full concert streaming September 19th, 2020 9 PM EST and available to watch until  September 20th 11:59 PM.

Madison, Wisconsin is deemed the capital of Nonpoint Country.  One of the most electric places to see Nonpoint perform.  If you’ve never seen them there before, now is your chance.  THIS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19th, they re-broadcast a performance in front of a sold out crowd in Madison.  This show is the first of four stops on an online virtual tour.  Last stop is in Chicago for the 20th Anniversary Show for their first record ‘Statement’ on 10/10.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida January 20th, 2017

Full concert streaming September 26th, 2020 9 PM EST

Fort Lauderdale, FL is where Elias and Robb first met and where the very first eyes caught glimpse of what would be this 20 year journey.  On September 26th, they broadcast a performance from the city where it all began.  See them in front of their hometown crowd on the second stop of their virtual tour on the way to 20 Years Of Making A Statement. 

Flint, Michigan May 18th, 2018 & Dec. 2nd, 2018 (two sets)

Full concert streaming October 3rd, 2020 9 PM EST

This double-feature is a perfect last show before the historic final event in Chicago.  Nonpoint once played Flint, Michigan 13 times in one year.  The city of Flint is a second home to their band and crew.  Nonpoint feel their embrace every show.  The city, the people and our family at The Machine Shop will show you why we think Flint is so nice, that you had to see it twice.  Two-shows, one night, October 3rd, we rock the virtual world.  Then on 10/10 we play our first record Statement front to back LIVE online.  Don’t miss it.